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Hi pals,
Having tried prawning before?
my collegues and myself recently got hooked on prawning and we enjoyed the experience。

Just to ask for tips

prawning tips and equipments北京哪个水族店卖元宝凤凰 北京观赏鱼1。 Some youtube videos shows needing to have line vertically straight before! t he wrist jerk, is this a must?
2。 The chicken liver pr”ovided is aplenty。 But there are red or green powder to power up the food o,n sale at counter。
Do u guys buy it? 3。 On av”erage ;how many can u catch in a 2hr sess:ion。Is this base on l、uck: or skill。4。 Would there be better chance if i buy n use personal Rod?
Hope to have ur inputs n tips!
Thank U!!
Yes for me I like to keep the line vertical ly straight bef ore jerking,北京哪个水族店卖元宝凤凰 as for the bait i like to use the worms” otherwise for chicken liver i suggest you bring your own prawn powder, for m,e in 2 hours normally around 20 plus you will need both luck and skill, as for personal rod it depends as you can do some changes to it
I have little experiences in prawning。 To answer yo?ur questions。
Q1。 Are you referring to using the rod or the float to measure the depth of the pond? Yes it is necessary becos you would then able to roughly know the depth of the pond so as to adjust your line float accordingly。 Prawns swim and eat at the bottom of the pond。 If line t”oo short,prawning tips and equipments北京哪个水族店卖元宝凤凰北京魟鱼 then your bait wont reach the bottom of the pond so hard to get a bite。 If line too long, you wont feel the ";pull"; when prawn is taki!ng the bait。
Q2。 Not sure what is the red/green powder。 I bring my own bait; use cockles, ear thworm or ";sea centipede";。
;Q3。 Luck small percent。age l。ah。 More to sk ill and condition of the pond such as milky water, prawn unheal thy, lack aeration, etc。 all these will affect your catch。
Q4。 Of 。course, you have t、he & qu ot;feel"; of :your personal rod such as weight, length, etc。 Just like you prefer to drive your own car or use your own badminton bat then using others!prawning tips and equipments北京哪个水族店卖元宝凤凰♂〇♂〇








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